Pregnancy Massage Due Diligence

Pregnancy massage is a fast-growing trend amongst many women. It is said to provide many benefits that can help future mothers along the road. Even practicing therapists who have experienced it during their own pregnancies agree that it significantly enhanced the sense of care they experienced. It also provided them with a great deal of comfort and pain relief they needed during that time.

The female body undergoes significant tension and many stresses upon pregnancy, leading to problems such as anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Massage can actually help counter these factors and place a mother-to-be in the right sort of mental and emotional position. It also reduces the chances of swelling and treats sciatic aches and back and neck pains. If you are considering such a massage, you should take note of the following tips to help you select the best pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Specialization and Equipment

Visit or call licensed massage institutions and ask for any members of staff that are specifically trained and experienced in pregnancy you may always look for a licensed therapist who has been trained to work with pregnant women.

Ask what kind of table the massage therapist typically uses. Take a look at the tables and decide if any one of them would be comfortable enough for you. The best pregnancy massage tables have indentations for the belly and the breasts so that women far along in their terms can comfortably enjoy the massage’s benefits.

Jojoba Oil

Next, determine what oils they intend to use. These should be oils of the highest quality and could be unscented. An example of a great oil for this purpose is jojoba oil. This oil can even be used at home and placed upon the belly for a gentle rub going down the sides. Not only is this oil believed to nourish the connection between mother and baby, but also it helps keep the skin well-hydrated. This protects the skin from dryness and also stimulates circulation, which could result in fewer stretch marks in the long-run.


As an alternative, you can ask you’re significant other to give you a pregnancy massage or offer one to your wife. This massage can be as simple as rubbing the feet and stroking the belly. It is important to provide as much care and tenderness as possible and to ensure that sound communication takes place. The same applies to professional massages. Always mention if the massage feels painful and if too little or too much pressure is applied.

When seeking a pregnancy massage therapist, never forget to inquire if a doctor’s consent form is necessary. It is generally not required, but there are cases—such as in pregnancies with complications or particular sensitivity—where the consent form may be requested. Consult your doctor too about the risks and benefits of having a pregnancy massage.

What’s Appropriate and What’s Not During Massage?

Massage Therapy Do and Don’t

Massage therapy service is offered in a clean, safe, and comfortable experience. You deserve to be comfortable throughout the massage and not to have anyone touching you inappropriately. If this is your first visit to a massage spa, you may not know what to expect, what is normal, and what is not during the massage. Here is a guide that will help you tell the difference:

Client Reception

Once you get to the massage spa, the receptionist or the massage therapist will greet you and ask about your session if there was no prior agreement. If you had already agreed on the type of massage you want, the massage therapist will only ask if there are specific areas you want to be massaged and where you prefer not to get massaged.

To ensure that you’ll be safe during the massage, the therapist will ask about your history. He may ask whether you recently had a surgery, injury, skin complication or you are suffering from an undiagnosed pain. He will also want to know if you have any allergies and whether you are taking any medications for an existing health issue. For a woman, the massage therapist will want to know if you are pregnant.

To know the products that he’ll use during the massage, the massage therapist will ask about your preference and any existing allergies to any of the spa products.

During the Massage

When the massage is ongoing, you remain in charge. If any move during the massage makes you emotionally and sexually uncomfortable, speak up. If this persists, you have a right to stop the massage session immediately and ask the massage therapist to leave the room. You will get dressed and leave the spa or report the matter to the management if it is a large establishment.

During the massage, you may feel some discomfort during the massage which is okay to some extent. The massage therapist should be able to tell you what is normal discomfort and what is not. For instance, if you are getting a massage to treat an injury, there is bound to be some form of discomfort. However, if you feel that the pain is too much, speak up and inform the massage therapist to go easy on you.

You have the freedom to choose the type of massage based on how you feel. Whether it is deep tissue massage or a soft Swedish massage, you only need to tell your therapist and he’ll do it. During a deep tissue massage, you should speak up if the pressure is too much so that you don’t leave the spa feeling worse than you came.

Nudity & Draping

When you get into the massage room, the massage therapist will leave the room to give you time to undress up to the level you are most comfortable. You can choose to only get off your shirt and trouser and remain in your vest and boxer if you are a man or leave your underwear and bra on for ladies. Once you do this, you’ll lie on the massage table and cover your body with the provided linen.

Most massage therapist will tuck in the linen or drape it in such a way that there will be no risk of exposing your body inappropriately during the massage.


During the massage, the therapist may ask regular questions regarding the pressure he is using and whether you are comfortable. However, whether you want to engage in a conversation is up to you. You can choose to remain quiet during the massage or engage the massage therapist in a conversation. However, it is important to ensure that your talk does not distract the massage therapist, making it impossible for him to concentrate during the massage.

No Go Zone

1. Your genital areas: the massage therapist should NEVER touch your genital area as this is regarded as sexual abuse. He should also keep his hands off your upper inner thighs at the front and the back. the therapist should work within 2 or 3 inches from your genitals to avoid causing fear or sexual stimulation.

However, if you are getting treated for an injury in any of these intimate areas, you will have signed an agreement allowing the therapist to work on those parts of your body. The massage therapist will drape you appropriately before massaging your intimates and remain professional throughout the process.

2. The breasts: the massage therapist will keep off your breasts unless you sign a written consent allowing him to massage you. Most massage therapists have received training on how to conduct a breast massage when a need arises. For instance, you may be a new mother and your milk duct is blocked and you need a massage to unblock it. You may also have a post-surgical scar that you want massaged to ease the pain. In either of these cases, the massage therapist never touches your nipples.

During a normal massage session, your butt will get massaged unless you indicated before the massage that you don’t want a massage in this part of your body. However, the massage therapist should avoid areas that are very close to your anus or any move that will open your butt cheeks.

Reporting an Incident

In case the massage therapist crosses the boundaries or violates your right to privacy, you should report to the spa management immediately. If the person conducting the massage in charge of the spa, you can report him to the Massage Therapy Board in your area so that necessary steps can be taken against him.

You should never tolerate an assault during a massage. it dehumanizing and morally wrong for anyone to take advantage of you when you’ve paid him for professional services.

As a client, it is important to remember that most massage therapists are professionals seeking to earn their living through massage-like at . This said you should also refrain from making sexual advances at your therapist as he also has a right to stop the massage and report you for assault.

There should be open communication during the massage so that you speak up when you are not comfortable. With this, you can rest assured that you’ll have immeasurable benefits from your massage therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy | Effectiveness of Massage Therapy

We are open when other spas and offices are closed. Over 80% of our clients are professionals and business owners, health professionals, people here in the city on business or for conferences, students, etc. who tend to need hours outside the normal 9 to 5. This is why we offer regular, after hours, and weekend appointments.

Unusual deep tissue and pain relief.  We specialize in giving effective relief for neck/shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, and sciatic pain, the areas most clients request our help with. However, when doing deep tissue techniques, we do not hurt our clients. We utilize warmed healing stones and other techniques that make sessions effective but soothing.

Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage

Different levels of deep tissue work. We offer pain relief massage which incorporates various techniques that makes deeper work feel better to the client. If you are in pain but have been hurt by a therapist who used intense deep tissue techniques, you won’t get that here. Deep tissue massage is something you have to give your body time to adjust to and if you are experiencing pain or discomfort you NEED the deeper work. We offer a combination massage that combines relaxation and deep tissue and this results in a more soothing session that is still highly effective. More importantly, if we are using a pressure technique, we incorporate different levels of deep tissue according to the client’s tolerance and needs. If you just need to relax, our relaxation massage sessions evoke a state of tranquility, rest, and peace and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy

I am a hot stone specialist. This simply means I have advanced training in using healing hot stones as part of my massage sessions. I utilize warmed basalt stones in many of my treatments to give profound relaxation and deep pain relief to my clients. The stones provide soothing comfort to my clients even when they have serious pain because the heat and stones are healing and allow muscles to truly relax so that more effective work can be accomplished. Unlike other therapists, I do not simply move the stones across a client’s skin – I actually work with the stones. So, in other words to do deep tissue work of varying degrees.

New to Massage?

We understand what it is like to get your first massage and we know how to put clients at ease. Since our messages are customizable, if you want to ease into this new experience with work just on your back, neck, shoulders, and feet, then that is fine. Even with the full massage, most clients realize they are in good hands and immediately relax and feel at ease.

Lastly, our clients get the very best in pampering. From the best oils and linens to the super comfortable, heated massage table, water served in a special glass, fluffy neck rolls and bolsters, aromatherapy in the room, the best spa music, to the special color and extreme attention to detail in the decor – you will get the feeling that you are being honored and cared for and that you are not just another body on the table.

If you are looking for one of the best massages Magic Alicante has to offer then look no further. If you want a massage that is so awesome that you feel the wonderful effects days later.